Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Holiday Watercolour Cards

 I have several different cards to share today using a variety of the Art Impressions Watercolor stamp sets.  I was so excited when the WC Fir Trees Set (Sku #4960) debuted in the summer, and was very keen to try using it for Christmas greenery. I really love the results! 
 I started out with my watercolour paper and Marvy markers, and used the No. 4 paintbrush that is available in the Ai store.  For the urn, I used WC Ornate Container Set (Sku #4890) and my Brownish Grey Marvy marker.  I intentionally didn't colour the top edge of the container, as I knew that I wanted the foliage to be spilling over the edge.  Using my Jungle Green Marvy marker, I inked up four of the branch stamps, stamping the lower branches first, and filling in upwards.  I left a space in the center, and inked up one of the branches from WC Branches Set (Sku #4964) with my English Red Marvy marker (these are Red Dogwood branches!!).  I then used the brush end of my Marvy marker to hand draw in the pinecones by using a dabbing motion in a pinecone shape.  I used the fine end of the marker to add some shadows to the twigs:
 I used just two stamps from the set to make my wreath, and you can either draw a faint circle with a pencil to use as a guide, or do what I did, and stamp a branch on the top, bottom and on each side - forming a square shape.  Then continue stamping in between, shaping it into a circle.  I occasionally double stamped without re-inking, which gives a bit of depth to the wreath, by having some lighter toned sprigs.  I didn't fill in every white area, as that left me with spots to add in berries that I drew in directly with my red marker.  I also hand drew the bow in before there were too many sprigs around it.  I use a very light touch with my damp paintbrush, as I like to see some of the definition of the pine needles.
I was so happy with how these turned out, that I've made multiples to send as my Christmas cards.

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Allie said...

These cards are very beautiful. Love the delicate 'joy' die!


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