Thursday, June 27, 2013

Floral Frenzy challenge

We are launching a brand new challenge over on the Art Impressions blog today, and my card is featured!  The challenge theme is "Floral Frenzy" - so pull out your floral stamps, papers and embellishments and go wild :o)  Art Impressions has a wonderful line of stamps called Front & Backs that have always intrigued me, and I thought I would give them a try this week so here is my first effort (be gentle!).
This is Judy (sku#4232)... leaning out of the Curtain Window (sku#4234).  I had an idea that I would use strips of yellow paper made to look like the 'siding' of a house, and that I would do a pot of 3D flowers below her window.  The 'open air' around her head is actually cut out, so that you can see inside the card.  Here is the inside view:
I gave her a little wallpaper, and some wood flooring, and paper pieced some patterned curtains.  There are a few steps involved to put Judy together.  Her front and back come as separate stamps (see below) as do the outside shutters and the inside curtain window:
The stamps are brilliantly designed, so that when you cut them out, they fit together perfectly.  I began by making my siding and wallpaper, and then positioned my windows (which again, fit perfectly together):
Then I just glued Judy together, and positioned her so that her forearms hung out the front window (and yes, she fits perfectly :o).  I cut out a bunch of rolled flowers using my Cricut, cut my own pot shape, and made up my little flower pot.  Here's a closeup:


Miriam Prantner said...

Your coloring is fantastic. I love how you see the backside of her inside the card, what fun!

bristowmom said...

Totally adorable! What a fun idea.


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