Thursday, August 31, 2023

Harvest Gnome

I created a little harvest gnome scene for this week's Watercolour Weekend post on the Art Impressions blog, combining some new and older sets.

I stamped the sitting gnome from 5785 - Gnomes Set, inking up only the gnome, and not the pot he's leaning against - in Tombows #969/565.  I masked him off, and stamped the basket of produce from 5598 Harvest Set that was released last fall - positioning it as though he is leaning up against it, and also added one of the squirrels from 5599 Mini Mice & Squirrel set.  Creating the scene is the hardest part!

I painted the orange pumpkins in tones of #933/905/947, and the blue ones in #228/493/249, painting the large one on the ground in a mottled pattern.  The red apple and his hat are done in layers of #856, and the green one is #126/249.  The spaghetti squash on the ground is painted with #990/991.  For all of the produce, I kept the lightest layers on the top of each piece, as that is closest to the light source, and kept the undersides as the darkest, where the shadows are.  Darkening the crevices also makes each piece seem more 3 dimensional.  His nose and hand were painted in #850/903, his coat is in #993, and his shoes in shades of #977/969.  The basket and squirrel both have light, warm tones of #947, with darker brown shades of #977 & 969 painted where the darker areas are under the squirrel's tummy, and in between the slats of wood.  I used the small grass from 4051 Foliage Set in #126, and painted in out as a wash of grass, then added in darker shades of #177.  #493 was painted on his trousers, and as a wash for the sky.  I made all of the stumps to be tones of brown, and used #565 to add shadows around and under my images.

I added a few dots with my Navy Twintone marker, and cut out the scene with a decorative oval die.  Check out the Ai blog on Sept 2nd to see what Tricia & Diane have created!

Thursday, August 17, 2023


 I have a whimsical scene for this week's Watercolour Weekend post on the Art Impressions blog:

I stamped my sleeping gnome from 5785 Gnomes Set onto my Canson XL Watercolour Paper, masked him off, and stamped the stump from 4871 WC Rustic Container Set behind him.  I positioned the mushrooms from 5788 Whimsical Mushrooms on either side, and added the leaves from 5795 Berries in various spots.  Three different flowers from 5794 Whimsical Flowers were tucked in behind, and finally my little bee from 5561 - Birds and Bugs Set.  For all of my elements, I used Tombow Dual Brush Markers #969/565.

From my palette, I painted tones of brown (#947/969/899) onto the stump - the image shows you where the crevices are, so those areas are the darkest, while the more rounded areas catch more of the light, so they are the lightest.  For the toadstools and his hat, I started with #856, layering it to get darker tones, leaving the upper areas as the lightest shades.  The yellow toadstools and his shirt were painted with #991/993.  I wanted the leaves to be bright, so I started with #126, then mixed #249/493 to get a teal green shade for the darker areas.  #533/565 were painted on all the flowers - just as shadows on the white ones.  #526 was painted on his trousers, and #N55 on his shoes.  The bee was done with #N55/993 and a touch of blue on his wings.  The small grass from 4051 - Foliage Set 1 was stamped in #177, and painted out as a wash.  Finally a wash of #493 was painted in as the sky.  I added the sentiment from the Gnomes Set in Versafine Onyx Black ink, and added a few dots to my scene with my navy Twintone marker.  I cut out the scene with 5061 Square Double Stitched Dies, and mounted it onto my background paper.

Diane & Tricia will be sharing posts this week also.  Happy painting!

Monday, August 7, 2023

More Lawn Fawn Birthday die cards

 I was able to get 3 of these made up - using up patterned paper that is in my stash, and building up my Birthday card supply at the same time.

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Altenew Dies

 I was lucky enough to win a gift card to the Altenew shop, so had fun picking out some new dies.  I'm using two of them on my card today, the Dotted Tile Debossing Cover Die is my background - love this!  The design is gorgeous and delicate - a perfect background.  The flower and leaves are all Craft-A-Flower: Rose, cut in various cardstock colours and layered together.  I added some gold paint spatters, plus a few pearls and a sentiment from Pinkfresh Studio.

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Beach Cabin

I've used the new 5749 - SF Beach Cabin stamp for the Watercolour Weekend post on the Art Impressions blog, in a slightly different way today:

I wanted to do a horizontal scene with this stamp, instead of the up and down layout of it.  I began by colouring only the chair/umbrella/pots with my Tombow #969/565 and stamped it onto my Canson XL Watercolour paper.  Then I coloured up just the beach cabin, and positioned it slightly to the right of the chair.  With a pencil, I sketched in where the horizon would be, and added a mountain in the distance.  I used the 5120 - WC Palm Tree Set, with a combination of #126/346 on the different palm fronds to create several palm trees and some foliage in the foreground.  I used two of the stamps from 5009 - WC Mini Flower Set in #856 and #565 to add flowers to the pots and scattered around on the sand.  The chair was painted in #533, and the house and umbrella were done with #993, 933 and 856.  

A wash of #947 created the sand, #443/565 created the tropical water, and #493 was added to the sky.  Tones of #977/947 were painted on the mountain and tree trunk, with shading using #565.  Both my scene and the blue mat were cut out with the 5063 - Rectangle A2 Double Stitched Dies, and my scene was attached to the base with some 3D foam adhesive.

Be sure to check out the Ai blog on Saturday to see what Tricia and Diane have to share!


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