Thursday, March 3, 2022

Ai Sunrise

  I will be posting this on the Art Impressions blog this Saturday for their Watercolour Weekend.  I have a scene using just one stamp set today.  I'm using 5473 - WC Seagull Set that was released last fall:

I started by painting a wash of colour for the sky, wetting my paper first, then doing a stroke of Tombow #565 picked up from my palette, followed by #803 and #993, and used the same colours to paint a wash for the reflection in the water.  I stamped the posts in #N65 using my stamp positioner to get them in the right spots, then used #533, #565, #N45 and #N25 to paint in the post in shades of blue, grey and black.  I made sure to leave a lighter edge on the right side of each post, where it would be relecting the sunrise, and the other sides were darker, in shadow.  I used all the colours to add a few streaks to the water, especially the 565, and added darker ripples behind the posts for the shadows.  I added the suggestion of wispy clouds to the sky and stamped one of the seagull images in #N45.
This would be gorgeous in bolder colours to be more of a sunset look, too.  Be sure to check out the Ai blog on Saturday to see what Dot & Tricia have painted this week!

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Allie said...

This scene makes me think Kootenay Lake over by the arm where the ferry turns in. Beautiful scene!


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