Sunday, February 13, 2022

Hot Chocolate Bombs!

 Well this was hilarious, fun and very messy!  Hot chocolate bombs became all the rage about a year ago... so when we saw a kit with the molds on sale for $8, my daughter & I thought, why not?  So we learned a few things.  Those Youtube videos that look effortless when people put them together aren't exactly the reality!  But definitely listen to what they say regarding ingredients and how to temper chocolate.  We didn't want to buy expensive chocolate to start, so grabbed what we could find to give it a try.  I would definitely not use milk chocolate next time!  Even though it contained cocoa butter, as they said - it was melting as soon as we touched the chilled cups, so I think that dark chocolate would be the way to go.  Here's what our efforts produced:

We put the empty 1/2 shells into muffin cups, and in a muffin tin to support them while we filled them with hot chocolate powder, mini marshmallows and skor chips.
We took the top shells, held them with paper towel (this stopped them melting from the warmth of our fingers), spread a thin layer of melted chocolate around the rim, and added them to the filled cups.
Finished efforts!  We haven't sampled them yet - but you add about 1 cup of hot, steaming milk to a mug, then you drop the bomb into it, and it should melt/explode.  

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Allie said...

These look very fun! Have to try them sometime :)


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