Thursday, February 3, 2022

A Formal Bouquet

  It's the Watercolour Weekend this Saturday on the Art Impressions blog.  I created a formal bouquet today, as I wanted to showcase some of the wonderful new flower & foliage sets, and used the limited edition Column stamp to give my bouquet some height:

I coloured both the column and container from 4111 - WC Containers in Tombow #969/565, using my stamp positioner to get the container placed perfectly, and then used my damp brush to pull out the colour, concentrating it in the indents to indicate shadows.  I stamped the trailing ivy from  5476 - WC Foliage Set 5 in #177, then using #725 and #606, I used the tiny circlet stamp from 4868 - WC Flower Set 2 stamped in clusters and the Leaves from Flower Set - 4052 in #533.  The stemmed flowers from 5475 - WC Flower Set 6 was stamped twice in #565/177, and the two sprigs from 5474 - WC Flower Set 5 were stamped as foliage fillers in the bright #126 green.  A wash of #536 was painted in as the sky.  The grasses from 5007 - WC Foliage Set 3 were stamped around the base in #177/126.
Don't forget to check out what Dot & Tricia have to share on the blog this Saturday!


Dot J Freel said...

Wow! So gorgeous! I didn't get that small pedestal dang it.

Allie said...

Nice to see some spring colours. Perfect to frame this with the gold :)


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