Thursday, October 14, 2021

Ai Foundations Chairs

 I'm sharing a slimline card today that will be on the Art Impressions blog on Saturday, using the 5432 - WC Foundations Chairs set:

This is the perfect stamp for a slimline or even a mini-slimline card.  I began by colouring up the stamp in #969 Chocolate/#565 Deep Blue and stamped it using my Misti - this worked really well for such a large image, as I was able to give it even pressure, and if I'd missed a spot, I could've gone over it a second time.  I placed the image slightly right of center, as I planned to add the sentiment and a pumpkin to the left side of the card.  *I purposefully left the lower corner of the bench uncoloured when I stamped, as that left me enough room to stamp the pumpkin from 5426 - WC Veggies just in front of it.  I used my stamp positioner to place it, as well as the possum from 5425 - WC Peeking Animals in one of the pots.  I partially painted the three chairs in #346 Sea Green, #606 Violet and #443 Turquoise which helped me know how to place my flowers and foliage in the pots by balancing out where the colours would be.  I used the Daisy Bunch from Flower Set - 4052 in #993 Chrome Orange, the small dots from 5009 - WC Mini Flower Set in #443, and the vines and grasses from 5126 - WC Foliage Set 4 in #249 Hunter Green.  To brighten things up and fill in any gaps, I used the tiny sprig from set 5009 in #126 Light Olive. 

I finished painting in the 3 chairs, and added several shades of #969 to the bench.  Pots were painted in #947 Burnt Sienna, #N55 Cool Grey 7 and #228 Gray Green.  To finish off, the spiky flowers from 5258 - WC Flower Set were added in #606, and the branch from 4964 - WC Branches set was added to two pots.  Shadows were added with #565, and the background was done in a wash of #228.  The pumpkin was painted with layers of #993/933/947.  The sentiment is from the Exclusive Daisy Set, and the dots were added with a fineline marker.  Be sure to check out what Dot & Tricia will be sharing on Saturday for the Watercolour Weekend!


Dot J Freel said...

So very cute! Love the colors!

Tracey McNeely said...

Karen super beautiful!!

Allie said...

Your oranges really pop! Fun to see some slimlines!


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