Thursday, December 16, 2021

Santa's Sleigh

It's my last post of the year for Art Impressions!  We'll be back in early 2022, with plenty more Watercolour inspiration.  This is my project that will be on the Ai blog this Saturday for the Watercolour Weekend.  I created a small holiday scene today, using the sleigh from the recently released 5467 - Snowmen Set:

I coloured the sleigh in my Tombow Dual Brush markers #969/565, and stamped it onto my Bristol Smooth cardstock.  I did the same with my elf from 5125 - WC Elves Set, positioning him above the sleigh, and slightly forward - and then sketched in the toy bag and presents around him with a pencil.  I wanted the bag to be bulging over the sides, and also needed a bit of a shelf for him to perch on, so I kept that in mind when I drew the curves.  For the elf's skin tone, I painted in #850, and #947 for his hair, then for all the greens in my scene, I used #177, the reds are #847, and the yellows are #993 - adding several layers of each to achieve the darker shades.  For the toy sack, I mixed #249 and #565 on my palette to create the teal/blue shade, again adding layers to achieve the darker colours.  For the sleigh, I mainly pulled out the colour from the stamped lines, and added a few tones of #177 and #565 for contrast and shadows.  I lightly painted in a sky and snow shadows with #565.

Since they were drawn in pencil, the presents needed more definition, so I used my Navy Twintone Marker to trace the shape of each package, and redefined any other lines in my scene that needed it.  This is it for 2021 for me on the Art Impressions blog, so I wanted to thank all of you for viewing our projects, and leaving likes & comments on social media.  Happy Holidays, and we'll see you soon in 2022!

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