Thursday, September 2, 2021

Ai Foundations Door

  I've created a fall scene with the 5433 - WC Foundations Door set for the upcoming Watercolour Weekend on the Art Impressions blog:  

I began by cutting my Canson XL Watercolor paper with the largest of the 5063 -A2 Stitched Rectangle dies, and put it into my Misti.  This allowed me to place the large Foundation stamp exactly where I wanted it on the paper, and then I coloured it with my Tombow #969/565 combination and stamped it.  Being a large stamp, it's easy to miss an area, so any part that didn't stamp completely, I could stamp it again while it was still in the Misti.  After pulling out the colour with a damp brush, I then added the pumpkin from 5059 - WC Harvest set, masking off the pot, and colouring it in #228 Gray Green, and again in #946 Gold Ochre.  I used the cluster from 5009 - WC Mini Flower Set to fill the upper left pot in #565/228.  The wheat sheaf from 4763 - Southwest in #991 Light Ochre filled the tall pot, and the leaves stamp from Flower Set - 4052 in #565 filled the rounded pot.  The two foliage stamps from 4605 - Spring Basket were stamped in #228 over the door in all directions, sometimes colouring just half of the stamp to vary the lengths.  I used the daisy bunch from 4605 in #946 to add clusters of flowers over the door, and in the smallest pot, then used two of the branches from 4964 - WC Branches Set with #969 to add branches over the door and to the tall pot.  With the tiny green from 5009, and #228, I added greenery to the small pot, and then used it with #312 Holly Green to stamp the heart shaped wreath on the door.

With all of the stamping done, I now painted in all of my images, pulling colour from my palette to paint the terra cotta pots in #947 Burnt Sienna, #N57 Warm Grey 5 to the pots and watering can, and #312 to the rounded pot, going back several times to add layers of colour.  The door was painted with #992 Sand and #969, first with a wash, then streaks of colour to imitate a woodgrain.  The walls of the house were painted with a wash of #990 Light Sand.  I used #565 to add shadows around all of the images, under and around the door, and on the stairs.  I used my Twintone Navy marker to draw the ribbon to hang the wreath, add lines to the door, and to darken areas that had been painted out.  I added a little grass, and a few dots with a marker to finish my scene.  Be sure to check out the Ai blog on Saturday to see what Dot & Tricia have created!

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Allie said...

Sooooooo pretty! Loving that heart wreath on the door!


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