Thursday, May 13, 2021

Try Something New

This week on the Art Impressions blog, our Watercolour Weekend theme is "Try Something New".  I've been wanting to combine stitching with my watercolour scenes for a long time, and this week's theme meant that it was time to give it a shot!  This took a little bit of planning:

I wanted the stitching to simply be an accent, not be all throughout the scene, so once I decided on a sunrise, I sketched it out on scrap paper, marking out the size of rectangular die I would use.  I picked my cottage, stamping it on the scrap to determine placement, where the stream would be, and even how the sun rays would look.  

I diecut my 5063 A2 Rectangle Double Stitched Die from Canson XL Watercolor Paper, and stamped my cottage from 4961 - WC Mini Cottages Set, colouring it first in #969 Chocolate, with #565 Deep Blue overtop.  Next I sketched in my scene (you could definitely do this with one of the Ai scenes, but I used a pencil!).  I painted the sun and some of the sky with #993 Chrome Orange, adding several layers to darken the sun.  I added in #912 Pale Cherry and #451 Sky Blue to create my sunrise sky.  Since the light is coming from the back of my scene, I painted #993 along the top of the hillsides, around the edge of the house, and into the stream as a reflection.  It also meant that the front of the white cottage was in shadow, so I added shades of #565 to show that, and painted it into the stream also.  Using my stamp positioner, I stamped the tree from 5010 - WC Tree Set 1 beside the cottage, and did two smaller trees from 5372 - WC Mini Foliage to the left of the stream.

I did my foliage in layers, starting with the very light #126 Light Olive, using the foliage from 5372 - WC Mini Foliage, and the row of shrubs from the same set, below the trees - and dabbed them with a damp brush.  I stamped the foliage again in #158 Dark Olive, to add a few darker tones.  A wash of #158 was painted on all the grassy hillsides.  To balance the sun in the upper left, I stamped the spiky flowers from 5258 - WC Flower Set 4 in #993/#158, and added some foliage around the base of them.  Before darkening in the door and windows of the cottage, I went in directly with my markers to add some dots as flowers in window boxes.

For the stitching, I used a very fine hand sewing needle, as my thread was a very fine gold fillament.  I used my needle to pre-pierce all of the holes around the sun, and then did my long stitches to indicate the rays.  I went over the small flowers with stitches, and on the taller wildflowers I did some french knots - and I'm pleased to say that I only had one re-do!  My embroidery skills are a little rusty.

I mounted my scene on some matte gold cardstock, and adhered it to my base with 3D foam adhesive.

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Allie said...

I really love the effect of that gold thread embellishing! Such a pretty scene!


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