Thursday, February 18, 2021

Save the Date!

 I've pulled out a few older and a few newer stamps to create a Save the Date card for this week's Watercolor Weekend on the Art Impressions blog:

I began by inking up the smallest church from the 5058 - WC Church Set in my Tombow Dual Brush Marker #565 Deep Blue, and then went over it with #969 Chocolate before stamping it onto my Canson XL Watercolor Paper.  I covered it with a mask, and then coloured up 5376 - WC Basic Scene in two colours - the road in #969, and the hills in #177 Dark Olive.  Because this stamp is clear, I was able to easily stamp it and position it perfectly to have the church perched on one of the hills.  To the foreground, I added the smallest tree from 5373 - WC Lg Tree Set, colouring only 1/2 of it in #969 chocolate.  I placed a small tree from 5372 WC Mini Foliage beside the church, and added the shrubbery to the hillside with #177.  The scribbled foliage was used on both trees - I stamped one layer that I then added water to soften and paint out the detail, and then I stamped a second layer to created darker foliage with more detail.  A damp brush was used to pull of the colour of the road and tree trunks and to add colour to the hills.  
I picked up #N45 Cool Grey 10 from my palette and added several layers of colour to the roof and steeple of the church, being sure to leave a few highlights and darken shadowed areas.  I used #565 to add shading to the door and windows, and painted the suggestion of a walkway and the sky.  For my flowers, I used the tiny dot flowers from 5074 - Bible Flower Set in #993 Chrome Orange, and the small greenery sprig from the set in #177 added the foliage.  The single stems are from 4868 - WC Flower Set 2 in #565/177, and the tiny grass from the Mini Foliage set finished my scene off.
To add a little definition to the church windows, I used my Twintone 42 Navy marker, and then used it's fine point to add some dots around my flowers.  The 5063 - A2 Double Stitched Rectangle dies cut out my scene, grey mat and sentiment (which is from the Floral Invites set!)


R's Rue said...


Dot J Freel said...

Beautiful! Your work has a distinctive style of perfection!

Allie said...

Such a beautiful scene you have created :)


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