Thursday, October 31, 2019

Fall Farm Scene for Watercolor Weekend

Hello!  The weather has turned a little frosty around here, so this will be my last fall scene for Art Impressions' Watercolor Weekend.  I did a farm scene, combining several different Ai sets:
 I wanted to make a masculine card, so I placed the barn from #4807 Old Barn Mini Set and the tractor from #5059 WC Harvest Set together on a large acrylic block.  I coloured them both with my #969 Chocolate Dual Brush marker from Tombow, stamped it off on scrap paper, and then onto my cardstock. (I had pre cut my Canson XL Watercolor Paper with one of the #5063 Double Stitched Rectangle dies already!).  I used my damp #4 paintbrush to soften the lines and pull out the colour.  I used a pencil to sketch in my mountains and the hillside, and after masking the barn, I coloured the tree image from #4807 Old Barn Mini Set in #969 and stamped it twice behind the barn.
I scribbled #837 Wine Red onto my palette, and picked it up with my brush, adding streaky colour to the barn, leaving lots of white areas for a weathered look.  I went over it a second time on the shaded sides of the barn to darken them.  I went in directly with the fine point of my #992 Sand marker to draw in the individual barn boards.  #992 was also used to paint in the path to the barn.  I used #N57 Warm Grey to add darker colour to the tires and seat of the tractor, and to darken up a few of the fittings on it.  Then I mixed the grey with #346 Sea Green to create a teal-y shade to paint on the tractor.  With my stamp positioner, I added the fence from the Old Barn set to the side of my scene, colouring it in #969 and stamping off on scrap paper first.  I made a pale wash with #158 Dark Olive and painted the grassy hillsides, then with the small grass from #4051 Foliage Set and the tiny green from #4867 WC Foliage Set 2 New, I stamped in grass and some greenery around the barn.  I switched to #076 Green Ochre to add in fall shrubs around the barn also.
Picking up #565 Deep Blue from my palette, I used it to paint in the mountains, and to add shadows to the windows and doors of the barn, going in several times to add darker layers.  I used it to add shadow lines on the fence posts, under the roof and on the undersides of the tractor.  And finally, I added a few longer grasses by directly using the fine end of my #992 marker on the paper.  Be sure to check out the Art Impressions blog on Saturday to see what Dot & Tricia have to share!
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5059 - WC Harvest Set4807 - Old Barn Mini Set4051 - WC Foliage Set 14867 - WC Foliage Set 2 NewWCPLT - Watercolor Palette4774 - Stamp PositionerCanson XL WC Paper PadWCBRUSH4 - WC Brush NO. 45063 - Rectangle A2 Double Stitched Dies5137 - DB Pen Set 10PK - Bonnie's Favorites Set 1

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Allie said...

This is a really beautiful fall scene! I absolutely LOVE the mountains you have been adding into your backgrounds!


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