Thursday, May 2, 2019

Cottages - Watercolour Weekend

I really love painting scenes with Art Impressions Watercolor stamps... and I especially love all the cottages and cabins that Bonnie brought out last year.  I've paired up one of them from 4958 - WC Cottages Set (this is SO typical of historic cottages in my area), with the footbridge from the just released 5122 - WC Bridge Set, inking them both with Tombow #969 Chocolate:
Using the smaller tree from 5010 WC Tree Set 1, I stamped it several times on each side of the cottage with my #969, then softened all the lines with a damp #4 paintbrush, pulling out the colour on the tree trunks, and on the footbridge. I coloured my #177 Dark Jade marker onto the tiny foliage sprig in the 5009 WC Mini Flower Set, stamping it repeatedly to get 2nd & 3rd generation foliage in the trees, and creating shrubs around the house.  Also from the Mini Flower Set - I used my #533 Peacock Blue to colour the tiny floral cluster (it looks like dots!) stamping it around the shrubs to suggest purpley/blue flowers.  Dabbing at them with my damp brush softened the images, and intensified the colours.
I initially drew the tufts of grass directly with my #076 Green Ochre marker, but since it is quite a yellow/green, my scene had a bit of a fall feel to it, and I was aiming for spring!  So I picked up the #177 green off of my palette, and painted a wash of green grass, darkening up the grasses directly with the marker as well.  I painted the pathway with #992 Sand, and added #491 Glacier Blue onto the roof & door.  I painted a touch of #856 Chinese Red onto the chimney, then went in with the fine point of it to sketch in the bricks.  I picked up #565 Deep Blue with my brush to paint in the stream, and then added the shadows to the windows, pathway, around the house & trees, and finally painted in the sky.
With my scene complete, I always walk away for a few hours (days?) and come back with a fresh eye.  I wanted to darken things up a little, so I went back in with both my 177 and 565 markers, adding grasses and flowers in the deeper tones.


Colleen said...

WOW what a gorgeous card, I love it! You did an amazing job

Dot J Freel said...

You always knock it out of the park! Beautiful!!!

Allie said...

This is really beautiful! I'm really liking the soft blues you chose and the scene that you created with that little bridge over the creek is so sweet!


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