Friday, March 29, 2019

Garden Shed

This sweet garden shed is from one of the recently released Art Impressions Watercolor stamp sets, and I've paired it up with the lovely flower cart to create my watercolor scene:

I've used seven stamp sets in my scene today!  I started by placing one of the sheds from 5121 - WC Garden Shed Set and the 4703 Flower Cart together on the same block, which allowed me to control exactly where they were placed to achieve the right perspective.
I coloured them both with 969 Chocolate, stamped, and softened the lines with a damp #4 paintbrush.  I used a combo of 969 and 992 Sand to paint in the roof, shingles and cart.  Using N57 Warm Grey, I coloured and stamped 2 of the stepping stone images from 5018 Cobblestone Set, and pulled out the colour to create some texture and shadows.  I used the two trailing greenery images from 5126 Foliage Set 4 coloured with 177 Dark Jade to stamp foliage falling out of the cart, and dabbed them with a damp brush to activate the ink.  Next I used the floral cluster from 4052 WC Flower Set 1 coloured in 676 Royal Purple to create the pink flowers in the cart, and after masking the shed, I stamped them on either side of it.  I coloured 565 Deep Blue onto the tiny bluebell image from Flower Set 1, stamping it three times in an upward direction to create tall stalks of blue flowers.  After softening all the flowers/foliage with a damp brush, I went in with the tiny leaf image from 5009 - WC Mini Flower Set (oops! that's an 8th stamp set!!) to fill in around the flowers where needed.  I also used it around the shed to create some bushes with the flowers.
I used both the small and large grasses from 4051 - WC Foliage Set 1 in 177 as well as 126 Light Olive to add the suggestion of grass around the shed, stones and cart.  I pulled out the colour from the grasses, and painted in and around the images to create a wash of green grass.  After masking off the shed, I coloured two of the tree images from 5010 WC Tree Set 1 in 177, varying the heights - then softened them with a damp brush.  Finally, I scribbled 565 onto my palette, and painted in the sky and the door, and then used it to add shadows to the window, stones and cart.


Allie said...

This is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love everything about this scene, the colours, the spring feels, the images you so pretty! And I really love how you put it all together simply as a card. Great idea!

Dot J Freel said...

I completely agree with Allison! Absolute perfection! In love.

Tricia O said...

Beautiful scene!

Daria said...

Lovely card! Beautiful water coloring. Thank you for sharing the details.


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