Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mini Squirrel & Raccoon Spinners

 We know you all love the line of Ai Spinners... so that means you're going to adore the new Mini Spinners!!  These are so cute, and they make up in a jiffy.  Here are Mini Squirrel Spinner Set (Sku #4735) and Mini Racoon Spinner Set (Sku #4733):
 Now, the mini's all come with a front and back image, a small image and a sentiment.  The small images are symmetrical, so they can be used as both the front and back.  The set includes dies to cut out both of the images.  So EVERYTHING you need to make adorable spinner cards is included!  You also might notice that the images are all drawn so that they are reaching up, so I've made it that my squirrel is reaching for his acorn, and my raccoon is reaching for the cupcake.
For the raccoon card, I used one long piece of sewing thread to sandwich between both images, again - so that he is reaching for the cupcake.  It's quite fun, because the two images don't spin exactly the same, so it really looks like he's chasing the cupcake.  Since the images look great front or back, I always make my spinner cards pretty on the inside as well:
 You wouldn't believe how hard it is to photograph these!!  They don't sit still - I'm sure it would be quite funny to watch me struggle to get a good photo.  There are six new spinners available in the Ai store - you can find them all here.
Copics used: Browns - E57, E55, E53, E51, E50, E47, E44, E43
Reds - R24, R22, R20
Blues - B01, B00, B000
Greens - G43, G40
Yellow - Y15
Greys - W5, W3, W1, W00

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Cheri Burry said...

These both are adorable Karen! Love how you cut the opening so that when you see it from the inside it shows some of the patterned paper! Have to add that to my list of "brilliant ideas"!


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