Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cake, anyone?

When my daughter & I signed up to do the Wilton Level 2 cake decorating class, it seemed like May would be the perfect time to do it... ha!  We turned out to be crazy busy, lots of activities by all family members, me working more than normal and driving everyone all over the place.  Oh well, amidst it all we learned how to make little gum paste flowers and the classic roses.  Tonight was our grand finale where we each made a cake using flowers we'd made earlier in the course.  We were a little rushed getting cakes baked & iced, and making multiple batches of buttercream icing, so our cakes were pretty quickly thrown together, but we are pretty pleased with the results.  First, here is Paige's cake (she's 14):
And here's mine, I went the gum paste route, just don't look too closely at my first attempt at a basketweave:


Allisa said...

They are gorgeous, you can put your papercrafting skills to work making cakes...you can even make a card to match!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cakes - I guess you two got the baking talent genes in our family! Can't wait for you to do the wedding cupcakes! B.

Jody Gustafson said...

How fun! Looks yummy and beautiful. Are you planning to start a new business? A mother-daughter business? Just keep it in the family. Love your cakes!

Lorrinda said...

Beautiful job ladies! Your flowers are gorgeous.
I bet it was fun to take this class together.


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