Thursday, June 24, 2021

Simple Scenes Release!

There are two new Art Impressions Simple Scenes being released today on the Ai blog!  I am using Rocky River for my scene:

I cut out the largest A2 Stitched Rectangle Die from Canson XL Watercolour Paper, and taped it down to my work surface (this gave me a nice 1/8" white area around my image).  I stamped my scene first, colouring the hills in #158 Dark Olive, and the rocks in #N45 Cool Grey 10.  I stamped 5388 - Rugged Tree in #879 Brown on either side, making one a little shorter so that they appear to be different!  Then with the help of my stamp positioner, I added the small house from 5262 - WC Mini Cabins Set coloured in #969 Chocolate/#565 Deep Blue.

With my scene set, I painted in the sky (#593 Reflex Blue), the hillsides in #158, the creek in #593/565 (keeping it streaky, like ripples of water), and sketched in the suggestion of mountains with #565.  For the stones I did layers of greys/blues/taupes, keeping it darker in the crevices, and lighter on the top side of them.  I used the tiny tree from 5372 - WC Mini Foliage in #969 to add a tree beside the house, then used the foliage stamp to add the leaves in #177, and the shrubbery stamp in #177 also.  The foliage stamp was also used for the tall trees, first in #126 Light Olive, and with #177 Dark Jade on top to add a few shadows.  Layers of several browns: #992/969/879 were added to the tree trunks with a little #565 for shadows.  The two grasses from 5126 - WC Foliage Set 4 in #177 were stamped in the foreground around the trees.  Be sure to check out the Ai blog to see what Dot & Tricia have made!


Dot J Freel said...

I'm blown away by the perfection and beauty of this artwork of yours! That has to be the prettiest trees and water ever colored!

Allie said...

Wow Wow WOW!!!! How did I miss this gorgeous card, it's stunning! Those big trees at the front and that well done!!!


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