Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mason Jar Pin Cushions

 This is the February edition of Tuesday Threads with Karen!  Is it just me, or are the rest of you as obsessed with Mason jars as I am??  I have a quick & fun project to share with you today using the wonderful Art Impressions Shop Hop fabrics that are available through Henry Glass Co. - Mason jar pin cushions!
I love the idea of having a pin cushion that is both decorative, and a little storage container!
Once you have all your supplies assembled, this is about a 10 minute project.  I started with a 6" square of fabric, and rounded off the edges.  You need a needle & thread, plus a large handful of batting (it takes way more than I show in the photo!), and a mason jar of any size:
 Run a loose basting stitch around the outside of the fabric circle, and place the batting in the middle.
 Pull on the thread to gather the circle around the batting, as shown below - what I don't show in the photo, is that you slip the flat metal jar seal in on top of the batting before tightening the thread completely.  This is where you determine how much batting to put in, as you want the pin cushion to be full and tight:
 Now push the cushion into the screw top - it will force the soft batting through and out the top, and the metal lid remains underneath.  To hide the gathered fabric as shown below, use a hot glue gun to attach a circle of felt for a tidy finish:
Remember the cute little fabric boxes I showed you in this post back in January?  Just think how cute it would be to have a Mason jar pin cushion and a few little matching fabric boxes in your craft room...
 We would love to see what you create with the Ai Shop Hop fabrics - just leave us a note/photo on the Art Impressions facebook page.
Happy sewing!


Jan Elmore said...

Hi Karen, I hopped over here to your blog from Art Impressions. For whatever reason, I can't seem to leave a comment on their blog site. Anyway, just needed to tell you how stinking cute your 'Mason Pin Cushions' are...oh my gosh, they're stinking cute!

Allie said...

Such a cute project!! I can't wait to make some of these - great idea!


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