Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Book Carved Snowman

Here is a little project that I saw on Pinterest, and decided to make up a couple to give as gifts.  If you Google "book carving" you'll get all kinds of amazing results, and plenty of how-to's.  Scroll down to see how I made it:
 I started by tracing 3 half circles on the cover of a Harlequin!!  Once you get started cutting with an Xacto, it goes quite quickly.  Mine is good and sharp, so it would cut about 10 pages at a time.
 After carving, I fanned him out to break the spine, and make sure that the pages would sit evenly.
 I decided to use two books, and glue the covers together, as I wanted him to be really full (each book is around 185 pages, so a single book around 300-400 pages would work, too.
 I couldn't find a pre-made top hat in the stores, so I bought a square of black felt, die cut a large and small circle, and cut a strip - all of which I glued together to make his hat.  I raided my yard to snip some tiny twigs to use for his arms which I hot glued between the pages.  I cut a thin strip of plaid fabric that I wrapped around his neck as a scarf - and that was it!


Amy Moore said...

That is adorable! What a fun project with some yard sale found books!

Nancy Ball said...

Well, now how stinkin' cute is that Snowman! I might have to make use of some of my old books now!

Allie said...

Unreal project, your snowman looks awesome!! What a great gift!


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