Friday, June 3, 2011

I've been MIA - here's why!

I'm having that slightly euphoric feeling of having just completed a big job....I volunteered to design and make the invitations for my daughter's grade 8 graduation, that will be sent home to the families, teachers etc.  They chose a Hollywood theme for grad, so I decided to make a little clapper board for the invitation.  The base is actually a pocket, so that when they lift up the top, they'll pull out a piece of white cardstock with all the details:
It's not often that I make a card with no stamping!  Thank goodness the front and insides were printed and colour copied onto cardstock, and I found these cute little pewter brads at Michaels that look just like screws.  The killer was cutting and gluing the 14pcs that make up each card (and yes, I knew what I was in for when I designed it!)  Here's what 95 invitations looks like:


Jayma Malme said...

These are amazing! I can imagine it would have taken forever...but totally worth it. The invitees are gonna be floored!

Romaine said...

Oh. Wow. Very cool!


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