Monday, January 17, 2011

H2H - Organization!

We have a little change of pace for you this week at the Heart2Heart Challenge blog.  The theme this week is "Organization" - we want you to share with us your scraproom, and any type of organization tips & hints that you have (I can use all the help I can get!).  Some of us have space galore with interesting shelves & baskets.  Others have a corner or a closet (these people usually have storage down to a fine art).  Maybe you have a funky colour on the wall?  An inspiring view?  Take a few picks and show us what you've got!
Now my space is what I like to call "Organized Chaos".  Which is why you're only being shown bits and pieces.  My craft room is the tiny 4th bedroom in our house.  My sewing machine is my best friend, so it is always out and ready to go.
I'm a cardmaker more than a scrapbooker, so I like to have my stamp sets easily accessible, since I use them constantly.  I have them stored on my shelves in open topped containers according to the sleeve colours (all sentiment sets are pink, fonts are blue, etc.)
I group all of my accessories together by type (all ribbons together, all brads together, etc.).  For both papers and inks, I store them according to the CTMH "seasons" (all Spring Harmony colours together, all Spring Blossom colours together)  I know a lot of people organize their products in colour families (all yellows together) - but my brain thinks according to the catalogue!  I generally keep all of my CTMH product together, since that is the bulk of what I own, and all the "other stuff" is together in a bin.
Here is my favourite CTMH storage item - our Ink Tower!  I love how I can see all of my inks and markers at a glance, and the fact that it swivels around, and sits neatly on my shelf.  The weirdest fact about my craft room is that I don't have a table!!  I am a standing stamper, so I have a drafting table that is laid flat a few inches above waist height.  And if I'm not standing, I'm sitting right on the floor - yes, it's bizarre.  On occasion when I'm at a crop or a friend's house to work - and I'm obliged to sit at a table, I'm like a fish out of water :o)  Hope you'll join us on the H2H blog this week, and share your workspace with us.


Corina said...

Hi There Karen,
Love to see your sewing machine there... One day I will be brave enough to get one.

Lorrinda said...

My back cringed when I read the part about sitting on the floor! Plus,I'd have to actually clean my floor first...that's where all the glitter usually ends up! I think I could get used to a drafting table though. I'm going to put my sewing machine out too, maybe I'll use it more that way. Thanks for the tour!

Lisa Stenz said...

I love that you have the things that you use most out in the open. Like Lorrinda, I think I may try to find a new spot for my sewing machine so that I will use it more. *Ü*

Debbie Carriere said...

Love your sewing station. No table!?! That is how one of my sisters scraps, too funny. Thanks for sharing :)

Melinda said...

My sewing machine is in the closet. I almost pulled it out and used it on my last bloghop card. Then I chickened out and went for easier. I am going to think more about using it on my cards.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for sharing your space Karen. Your not the only one I know that either stands or sits on the floor. I've sat on the floor many a times because there was no room on my table - LOL!

roxybonds said...

Oh, I used to sit on the floor to scrap all the time when I first started. It was more a problem of all my stuff on the table and no room for me to sit there.

Shari said...

I had to laugh when you said you are a fish out of water at crops, etc. I teach the WOTG weekly and find I end up standing again and again while teaching while everyone else stays sitting. I stand at home too, but am trying very hard to break the habit. Thanks for sharing your space and love all the pretty flowers!


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